We are very pleased to announce the papers accepted for Coling2020



Zhai, Fangzhou; Demberg, Vera; Koller, Alexander: Story Generation with Rich Details  Project A3 

Köhn, Arne; Wichlacz, Julia; Torralba, Álvaro; Höller, Daniel; Hoffmann, Jörg; Koller, Alexander: Generating Instructions at Different Levels of Abstraction  – Project A7

Chowdhury, Koel Dutta; España-Bonet, Cristina; van Genabith, Josef: Understanding Translationese in Multi-view Embedding Spaces Project  B6

Mosbach, Marius; Degaetano-Ortlieb, Stefania; Krielke, Marie-Pauline; Abdullah, Badr; Klakow, Dietrich: A Closer Look at Linguistic Knowledge in Masked Language Models: The Case of Relative Clauses in American English Projects B1, C4, B4