Equal Opportunities

Implemented Measures
Planned Measures


The DFG has granted the SFB Information Density and Linguistic Encoding funds for targeted measures to promote gender equality in science and academia and to help researchers reconcile work and family life. In order to promote equal opportunities, the SFB collaborates closely with Saarland University’s Equal Opportunities Office as well as the audit family-friendly university, the university’s service office for all issues related to the reconciliation of work and family life.


Implemented Measures

Pursuing the objectives of increasing career qualifications of female researchers working in the network and making jobs more family friendly, the SFB has so far implemented the following measures:

Furnishing of a parent-child-office

The SFB has a parent-child-office that is equipped with a changing table and a play corner.

Financing of childcare

The SFB provides childcare outside the opening hours of day care centers (in emergency cases or evening seminars) or during conferences.

Personnel support for parents within the SFB

The SFB provides personnel support by hiring additional student helpers for parents in our network.


Planned Measures

The SFB’s plans to further increase equal opportunities include the following measures:


  • trainings for non-academic professional skills for our female researchers
  • promote the networking of female researchers at Saarland University

Jutta Kray

Equal opportunities advisor

Marie-Ann Kühne