C1: Information Density and the Predictability of Phonetic Structure

Project C1 addresses the relation between information density and linguistic encoding in phonetics and human speech processing. The effects of information density on speakers’ choices in production and listeners’ preferences in perception are investigated in selected phonetic and phonological domains, in particular at the syllable and word levels and in local and non-local collocations. The project will analyse how the phonetic encoding density is modulated by systematic changes in the phonetic structure and its acoustic-phonetic features as a function of the predictability and the surprisal level of the linguistic expression. Experimental methods include the analysis of production data, phonetic perception tests, comprehension tasks, and eye-tracking.



Brandt, Erika; Zimmerer, Frank; Andreeva, Bistra; Möbius, Bernd

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Schulz, Erika; Oh, Yoon Mi; Malisz, Zofia; Andreeva, Bistra; Möbius, Bernd

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Bernd Möbius



Bistra Andreeva



Erika Brandt



Frank Zimmerer