Distinguished Speakers in Language Science

Distinguished Speakers in Language Science, the joint Colloquium of the Department of Language Science & Technology and SFB 1102, takes place
Thursdays, 16:15, Building C7.4, Conference room, unless indicated otherwise
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Summer Semester 2021

Please note that in Summer Semester 2021, our LangSci talks will continue to be held virtually.

15.04.2021Sebastian PadóWords, Categories, and Entities
22.04.2021Martin Pickering
Understanding dialogue: Language use and social interaction
06.05.2021Klaus von Heusinger
Referential form and discourse prominence
20.05.2021Dirk Hovy
Five Sources of Biases and Ethical Issues in NLP, and What to Do about Them
10.06.2021Anna Papafragou
Informativeness in language production and acquisition
17.06.2021Felix Schönbrodt
An introduction to Open Science: doing transparent, credible and efficient research
24.06.2021Martin Corley
It's the way that you say it: effects of disfluency on language comprehension
01.07.2021Alan Akbik
Few-Shot Learning for Natural Language Processing with TARS and Flair
08.07.2021Katharina Kann
Towards Natural Language Processing Systems for All Languages and Tasks
15.07.2021Sandrine Zufferey
Individual differences in teenagers and adults’ mastery of connectives from the written mode
22.07.2021Marianne Hundt
From the Page to the Screen: Digitising 18th-century Manuscripts for Research in Linguistics

Winter Semester 2020/2021

29.10.2020Oliver BottImplicit Causality and Explicit Consequentiality
12.11.2020Frank SeifartStudying speech rate cross-linguistically: Resource building and
case studies on final lengthening and pause probabilities
10.12.2020Søren WichmannAdvances in computational historical linguistics
14.01.2021Joost RommersMemory consequences of predictive language processing
04.02.2021Louis ten BoschComputational models of human word comprehension

Winter Semester 2019/2020

17.10.2019Lena KästnerFour Types of Experiments
18.11.2019Andy WedelSignal evolution within the word and the grammarUnusual date -- Monday!
21.11.2019Antonio ToralTranslationese and Translation Universals in Machine Translation
12.12.2019Ellie PavlickWhat should constitute natural language "understanding"?
16.01.2020Sabine Schulte im WaldeDistributional and Multi-Modal Models for Compositionality and
Figurative Language: German Noun Compounds and Particle Verbs
23.01.2020Jörg TiedemannLost in meaning - found in Translation
Natural language understanding with multilingual data
30.01.2020Cynthia ClopperSocial information, phonetic reduction, and predictability in the speech signal
13.02.2020Noah GoodmanInference and information: the computational basis of referential language use

Summer Semester 2019

11.04.19Thom Gunter
Some thoughts on communication, gestures, and the language system
16.05.19Karin VerspoorConcepts, Relations, and Queries in Biomedicine: The case for Semantic Search
20.05.19Stefan FrankA connectionist model of code-switching in bilingual sentence production unusual date and time 14:00!
11.06.19Chiara Gambi
Predicting to learn? The role of prediction (error) in children’s language processing and acquisitionunusual date and time: 14:15!
13.06.19Marc Swerts
On different forms of linguistic adaptation in spoken dialogues
27.06.19Dong NgyuenLanguage variation and change in social media: a computational perspective
18.07.19Ans van KemenadeDiachronic shifts in the interaction between syntax and pragmatics: the case of English

Winter Semester 2018/2019

18.10.18Elsi Kaiser
Implicit elements in language: Psycholinguistic investigations of their interpretation and discourse status
25.10.18Katharina SpalekThe role of focus alternatives in discourse coherence
07.11.18Satoshi SekineStructuring Wikipedia for "a machine that can explain its decision in language”unusual date!
29.11.18Zenzi Griffin
Talking and timing
05.12.18Pius ten Hacken
Compounding and other Phenomena at the Boundary between Word Formation and Syntaxunusual date!
13.12.18Arielle BorovskyPrediction in a changing world
17.01.19Jason Eisner
Recovering Syntactic Structure from Surface Features
Petra Hendriks
Explaining individual variation in referential choices through cognitive modeling
20.02.19Ann Bradlow

Language-independent talker specificity in bilingual speech:
Using a multi-lingual speech corpus to identify individual “traits” that persist across L1 and L2 “states”
unusual date and time (10 a.m.)!

Summer Semester 2018

03.05.2018David Reitter Language models as models of human language processing?
Evidence, from priming and information density in dialogue to language acquisition.
17.05.2018Detmar Meurers Modeling the linguistic complexity of language input and output
- and linking the two.
23.05.2018Raul Fernandez From Handcrafted Features to Implicitly-learned Representations:
Creating the Next Generation of Expressive and Natural Speech Synthesis.
unusual date!
24.05.2018Shalom Lappin Modelling the Influence of Document Context on Human Acceptability Judgements
28.05.2018Paula Rubio-Fernandez Saying too much can be efficient: Evidence from
language production/comprehension studies
unusual date!
07.06.2018Gertraud Fenk-Oczlon The constant flow of linguistic information and word order.
14.06.2018Nivedita Mani Prediction a piece of cake - really?

Winter Semester 2017/2018

30.11.2017Kilu von PrinceThe syntax-morphology trade-off
14.12.2017Jiří Zámečník Information density and the rational speaker: How do speakers manipulate the information density?
11.01.2018Hans Rutger Bosker How listeners normalize speech: evidence from neural oscillations
25.01.2018Jonas ObleserThe signal and the noise: A neural-oscillations perspective on
the listening brain

Summer Semester 2017

01.06.2017T. Florian Jaeger Causal inferences under uncertainty in speech perception and production
22.06.2017Susanne Gahl 28 Years of Vowels: Effects of talker age on pronunciation
29.06.2017Michael Dunn The evolution of word order over a noisy channel
13.07.2017Victor Ferreira Syntactic Entrainment as a Possible Mechanism for Learning the Meanings of Syntactic Constructions

Winter Semester 2016/2017

10.11.2016Torgrim SolstadOn the processing of explanations in discourse: Evidence from eyetracking during reading
17.11.2016John NerbonneSociolinguistics and Computational Linguistics
24.11.2016Alice TurkThe Smooth Signal Redundancy Hypothesis and Prosodic Structure
01.12.2016Milena RabovskyN400 amplitudes reflect change in a probabilistic representation of meaning: Evidence from a neural network model
08.12.2016Janet Pierrehumbert Remembering and generalizing from examples of words
15.12.2016Falk HuettigThe effect of learning to read on the neural systems for vision and language: A longitudinal approach with illiterate participants
02.02.2017Elmar NöthRemote Monitoring of Neurodegeneration through Speech
09.02.2017CLARIN-D Zentrum UdSCLARIN-D - support for archiving and sharing linguistic data and tools
16.02.2017Ido Dagan Open Knowledge Representation for Texts
06.03.2017John GoldsmithLearning morphology: something old, something newUnusual date -- Monday!
14.03.2017Petra WagnerMeasuring and Modeling Prosodic VariationUnusual date -- Tuesday!

Summer Semester 2016

07.04.16Roman Yangarber
Modeling Linguistic Relationships and Language Evolutionunusual place!
Conference room 407 in E1.1
14.04.16 Kimmo KoskenniemiRelating cognate words directly
15.04.16Hinrich SchützeEmbeddings! For which objects? For which objectives?unusual time (14:00-16:00)
and date (Friday)!
21.04.16Terttu NevalainenHistorical sociolinguistics from philology to computer science
28.04.16Fotis JannidisChallenges of a corpus-based history of the German novel
10.05.16Martha PalmerDesigning abstract meaning representationsunusual date!
12.05.16Padraic Monaghan
Degeneracy and language learning
19.05.16Mark Steedman
A Distributional Theory of Content for NLP
02.06.16Moreno CocoWhen Expectancies Collide: the Interaction between Stimulus Plausibility and Congruency during a Cross-Modal Verification Task
16.06.16Anthony Kroch
Detecting abstract linguistic properties through the study of corpus datapart of the 'Historical Corpus Linguistics' workshop
Michael Franke
Probabilistic pragmatics, rational analysis and data-driven inference
21.07.16Albert Kim
The neurocognitive mechanisms of on-line language comprehension: from perception to integration and back again
18.08.16Miriam R. L. Petruck
FrameNet: Current Status, Recent Activity, and Future Plans

Winter Semester 2015/2016

10.09.2015Leon Bergen Pragmatic strategies for efficient communication unusual time - 2 pm!
01.10.2015Jacob Eisenstein Distributed Semantics for Automatically Classifying Discourse Relations
22.10.2015Raphael Berthele and Jan Vanhove Spotting cross-linguistic similarities: Stimulus- and participant-related factors in cognate recognition
16.12.2015Ted SandersCausality and Subjectivity in discourse and cognition; Evidence from cross-linguistic analyses, acquisition and processingunusual date - Wednesday!
17.12.2015Petra SchumacherThe neurophysiology of referential processing
14.01.2016Uriel Cohen Priva Differences between information in language and artificial communication systems
28.01.2016Caroline Sporleder Computational Linguistics and Digital Humanities: Chances and Challenges
04.02.2016Shanley AllenComplex structures and garden paths in L2 sentence processing
11.02.2016Yvette Graham
Can machine translation be evaluated by the crowd alone?
25.02.2016Charlotte GooskensMutual intelligibility between closely related languages in Europe

Summer Semester 2015

21.04.2015 Richard SproatThe Statistics of Non-Linguistic Symbol Systemsunusual date!
30.04.2015Martin HacklOn the Acquisition and Processing of Only: Question Answer Congruence, Scalar Presupposition, and the Structure of ALT(S)s
21.05.2015Kara D. FedermeierDoing a double take: Hemispheric contributions to language processing
11.06.2015Ivan TitovLearning Shallow Semantics with Little or No Supervision
16.06.2015Shuly Wintner Automatic Identification of Translationese: Highlighting the nature of translationunusual date!
18.06.2015Reinhold Häb-Umbach Unsupervised Language Acquisition from Raw Speech
23.06.2015Francis Bond Cudgeling our brains over possessive idiomsunusual date!
25.06.2015David Schlangen Dialogue Processing in Time and Space
02.07.2015François Pellegrino A Crosslinguistic Account on Speech Information Rate
09.07.2015Francesco Vespignani Idioms and fixed expressions as linguistic tools to study prediction and integration during sentence comprehension
16.07.2015Tamara Berg Learning from Descriptive Text
23.07.2015Michael White Locality Effects and Ambiguity Avoidance in Natural Language Generation

Winter Semester 2014/15

29.01.2015Jon DehdariA Neurophysiologically-Inspired Statistical Language Model
15.01.2015Michael RamscarNonlinear dynamics of lifelong learning: The myth of cognitive decline
08.01.2015Valerie HazanSpeaker adaptations in spontaneous speech in challenging communicative conditions
11.12.2014Klinton BicknellLanguage comprehension as rational probabilistic inference on perceptual input
27.11.2014Frank KellerHow Humans (and Machines) Integrate Language and Vision: ImagenDescription as a Test Case