– PhD Day 2020, Dec 4th


Friday, December 4th, from 9 am – 3pm in the SFB gather space (link will be sent via e-mail).




09:00 Opening remarks (Bernd Möbius and Ingo Reich)



09:15 Christoph Aurnhammer (Project A1): The P600 as an Index of Semantic Expectancy

09:45 Julia Meßmer (Project A6): The role of semantic surprisal for memory formation and retrieval of novel compound words

10:15 Coffee break

10:30 Marjolein van Os (Project A4): Investigating False Hearing Using Predictive Sentence Contexts in Noise


Poster Sessions

11:00 – 12:00

  • Badr Abdullah (Project C4): Capturing Cross-lingual Variation via Neural Representations of Spoken Language
  • Koel Dutta Chowdhury (Project B6): Understanding Translationese in Embedding Spaces
  • Lydia Muqing Li (Project C3): Rational encoding and linearisation in visually-situated production. (Where to start when describing “a blue bear with glasses”?)
  • Omnia Ibrahim (Project C1): The effect of Lombard speech modifications in different information density contexts
  • Mikey Elmers (Associated Member C1): Evaluating pauses and number recall in synthesized speech

12:00 Lunch break

13:00 General assembly (of all SFB members)

14:00 IGK Meeting (of PhD students)

– PIs at the top of AI Rankings!

Principle Investigators of SFB 1102 are at the top of the ranking for research in the field of Artificial Intelligence (

Jörg Hoffmann (Project A7takes first place in the category “Core” for his publications in the central international AI venues (AAAI, IJCAI, ECAI, JAIR, AIJ).

Matthew Crocker (Projects A1, C3) takes second place in the category “Cognitive AI”.



Read the full article here.


– Conference presentation by project C1 @ DGfS 2021!

Congratulations to the accepted presentation on “The effect of predictability on the duration of phrase-final syllables” that will be given by Bistra Andreeva, Bernd Möbius, Omnia Ibrahim and Ivan Yuen (Project C1) at the workshop “Prosodic boundary phenomena” to take place at the 43rd annual conference of the German Linguistic Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft, DGfS).

– COLING 2020: Papers accepted!

We are very pleased to announce the papers accepted for Coling2020



Zhai, Fangzhou; Demberg, Vera; Koller, Alexander: Story Generation with Rich Details  Project A3 

Köhn, Arne; Wichlacz, Julia; Torralba, Álvaro; Höller, Daniel; Hoffmann, Jörg; Koller, Alexander: Generating Instructions at Different Levels of Abstraction  – Project A7

Chowdhury, Koel Dutta; España-Bonet, Cristina; van Genabith, Josef: Understanding Translationese in Multi-view Embedding Spaces Project  B6

Mosbach, Marius; Degaetano-Ortlieb, Stefania; Krielke, Marie-Pauline; Abdullah, Badr; Klakow, Dietrich: A Closer Look at Linguistic Knowledge in Masked Language Models: The Case of Relative Clauses in American English Projects B1, C4, B4